Red Rock Releases
Residential Property
Market Report 2018/2019

A steadily growing economy, attractive investment locations and rising prices: The Red Rock Group releases its report on the German property market.

Smaller economic fluctuations don’t seem to have any impacts on the growing popularity of real estate properties. (Image: Adobe Stock)

In their Residential Property Market Report 2018/2019, the Red Rock Investment GmbH showcases results and conclusion to their analyses of the economy year 2018, as well as an outlook on the year 2019. The core of the report consists of a detailed showcase of the ten most popular locations in Germany.

Generally, the political and economic stability of Germany are being highlighted as special locational advantages. While GDP and saving capacities of German households rise constantly since a narrow century, the majority of the population develops the desire for an own property. Thus, low vacancy rates as well as curbed new constructions due to rising construction costs lead to an ongoing surplus demand and further rising real estate prices in the year 2019 as well.

According to the report, here’s “no end in sight”. German cities are economically well diversified, which would result in a variety of interesting locations – also from the perspective of the growing number of investors abroad. Beyond that, they obtain a detailed view on the top 10 locations in Germany. From the history to economic conditions, over socio-demographic and infrastructure up to the housing market, its prices and a prediction with an outlook, this report breaks down all relevant characteristics and trends of these cities.

Finally, the report takes a glance on the future of the year 2019. Coming from a healthy job market and a positive population development, demand for living space is going to grow further, while supply will shorten even more. With that, safe investments like real estate for example are becoming more popular. The high utilization of the construction industry and their therefore rising construction costs will contribute to the rise in both price and value of these “valuable, secure and stable investment opportunities”.

Red Rock Investment GmbH offers institutional investors around the world investment opportunities provided by various project developers of the German Red Rock Group. The company arranges business contacts between these project developers and potential investors. Being an interface between investment providers and investors, it arranges necessary meetings, holds presentations, coordinates the preparation of investments, supports with due diligence investigations and is available for investors throughout the entire term of an investment.

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