Red Rock Group: opportunity in microapartments

For some years now, Red Rock has been dealing with the trend of microapartments. In Leipzig, the first pilot project of this kind is created.

Project Südspitze in Leipzig

In metropolises such as New York or Paris, inner-city building land is scarce and housing is expensive. They already exist here: Microapartments. The compact apartments are particularly popular with young people and singles because they are usually cheaper than the usual housing sizes and because they also accommodate the digital lifestyle: central living, working in the co-working space around the corner and shopping with cargo bike in a trendy district.

Carmel Place in Manhattan is arguably the most spectacular example of microapartments. 55 small units between 23 m² and 25 m² were stacked here in modular construction above and behind each other to form a ten-storey perimeter block development. The need is apparent to those interested in the mini-flats: 60,000 applicants wanted to get hold of one of them.

New forms of housing sought

In Germany too, the construction industry and politics are looking for new ways of living. The Red Rock Group has been working on the trend of microapartments for several years now. In Leipzig, the first pilot project of this kind is to be created. Pinewood Partners International GmbH, a successful project developer of the group of companies, is developing the project Südspitze in Bornaische Strasse in Südvorstadt. In the narrow building 90 modern apartments are planned. In Leipzig, the demand for housing has steadily increased in recent years. At the same time there are more and more single households, every fifth inhabitant of Germany now lives alone. Leipzig, as a university city, must also provide affordable housing for students. The central location in Leipzig offers the best conditions for such a project. The project Südspitze should offer an alternative for the future to enable people to live in the metropolises.

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