Film shooting at Lakeside Home in Fühlingen (Cologne)

Teen film DIE DREI !!! in a magnificent setting. House Fühlingen was redecorated for the shooting whithout endangering the historical building fabric.

The Westside Film GmbH was looking for a building with historic charm for the film shooting of DIE DREI !!!, a children´s and teen´s film. The crew was in search of a building that could represent an old theatre in the film. They found the listed Lakeside Home near Cologne, which has been owned by the Dolphin Group since 2013. For ten days, the film crew transformed the location into an impressive setting and created elaborate decorations for the outdoor areas, which severely changed the appearance of the building, while leaving the listed façade intact. All props were jammed using special brackets so they could easily be removed afterwards. The finished film is expected to be released in the summer of 2019.

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