German Real Estate: Sales Record Growth

Throughout Germany, the sales volume for real estate properties raised in the previous year. However, the number of purchases lowered simultaneously.


With sales amounting to 239.7 billion euro, the sales volume of Germany’s real estate market reached a new high in 2017. This was stated by the recent report of the analysts of GEWOS, which is based on nationwide recorded sales data. However, 2017 doesn’t mark a rare peak in this development, since it’s part of a six year long sequence of records with an ongoing increase. Revenue in Germany “more than doubled since the end of the financial- and economic crisis”, states GEWOS market analyst Sebastian Wunsch.

Since 2009, cash flow raised by 109 percent; compared to the year 2016, there was a growth by six percent. A decline is apparent in regards to transaction figures however, since it raised strongly between 2013 and 2016, but recently started to fall: With almost 907,000 registered purchases, this number lowered by two percent when comparing it to 2016.

On top of all recorded sales transactions in 2017, there’s residential properties. From condominiums to residential land, a value of 170.8 billion euro has been traded – which is an increase by 94 percent since 2009. Especially apartment buildings and traded building areas experience a rise by eleven percent each, which brought the value up to 29.9 and 17.7 billion euro respectively. The number of purchases of apartment houses increased by one percent and reached 38,300, while the amount of sold residential lands went back by one percent just like in 2016 – and thereby lowered to 103,900.

This could be attributed to an “aggravating lack of space”, says Wunsch. Despite high demands, yearly transactions for residential lands move around the 100,000 mark: In the 90’s however, there’s been more than 180,000 purchases. Naturally accompanying this is a rise in prices. Average prices per traded square meter raised by six percent in 2015, five percent in 2016 and even eleven percent in 2017.

There’s a similar development for condominiums and homesteads. While sales grew (by two percent to 62.7 billion euro and by four percent to 60.5 billion euro respectively), the number of actual sales lowered by four or one percent. New construction transactions strongly declined; first sales lowered by twelve percent – despite the high number of annual permission for condominiums.

In regards to the sales volume however, the sequence of records will not stop just now. For the current year of 2018, GEWOS expects yet another maximum for the transaction volume: This time by five percent up to 251.1 billion euro.

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