Preferences in real estate – Germany

When Germans look for an apartment, either for rent or for purchase, there is a lot of criteria they take into account for choosing the right place of living. The real estate portal Immowelt compiled the most important.

Light-filled rooms are the most important criteria when looking for an apartment.

Apart from the location within the city, certain criteria of the condition of the apartment are crucial for most apartment-seekers. These criteria differ from country to country within Europe. Whereas young southern Europeans tend to live within their family ties, the apartments are correspondingly bigger. Northern Europeans instead leave their home much earlier and often live alone until they found their own families. This is because of different economic situations. The north of Europe is wealthier and living alone therefore easy to accomplish. Germany joins this trend.

This autonomy does not stop with a simple apartment. The wealthier one is, the less compromises one wants to make in the choice of one´s home. The German real estate portal Immowelt therefore conducted a survey to find out which criteria is crucial for German apartment seekers. It revealed that 89 percent of the respondents rate large and bright rooms with many windows and balconies (88 percent) as the most important criteria for an apartment they would live in. Also energy efficiency is a major point for Germans. 86 percent want to lower their energy expenses and therefore look for apartments that are renovated after the newest energy efficiency standards. Accordingly 52 percent would prefer a new-build to an older, unrefurbished building. Elevators (34 percent) and floor heating (20 percent) are luxuries that most Germans can live without.

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